Top 15+ Palm Beach Wedding Photographers [2020 Updated]

Choosing a photographer and videographer who works as a team is key. When searching for Palm Beach wedding photographers there are two things that you will want to consider. First, you should consider the style of photography you envision and the second, but likely more important, is the personality of the wedding photographer. 

Photo by The Harmons Photography Co.

The relationship between your photographers and videographers can make or break a wedding day. We view weddings with a team approach and love to suggest a photographer who shares our beliefs. Communication and working as a team at the wedding are so important to us, we’ve made it our policy!  With so many talented South Florida Wedding Photographers located right here in Palm Beach, it can be hard to keep track. 

Here is a list of some of our favorite Palm Beach wedding photographers:


  1. Erika Delgado Photo
    • Erika is both flexible as well as meticulous on the wedding day. She is great at navigating speedbumps in the timeline. Her work is bold yet soft. She combines digital and film to create symbiotic poetry in her images.
  2. Thompson Photography group
    • This group of talented photographers who are on “Team Bride” during the wedding day, supporting the couple so that they can look their best. The team shoots and edits with a bright and airy style.
  3. Jessica Bordner Photography
    • Jess is so great with people and can put a smile on even the grumpiest of grandpas. She shoots with a natural approach with a bright rosy film look.
  4. Lara Rios Photography
    • Lara specializes in fine art photography, focusing on creating classic images. She can command a crowd to make sure she has all of the necessary shots needed.
  5. Ambrosio Photography
    • Stacey shoots classic timeless photography with authority that can handle even the most difficult mothers-in-law.
  6. The Harmons Photography Co.
    • Michelle and Matt are lowkey on the wedding day which helps calm the nerves of everyone else around them. Their style is light and classic and always gorgeous.
  7. Chelsea Erwin Photography
    • Chelsea is a super cool hip chick with a laidback attitude and knows how to handle a wild crowd. If you are looking for a unique style, Chelsea photos are moody and she specializes in underwater photography.
  8. Karla Korn Photography
    • Karla is full of energy and shes great to pump up a wedding party when needed. Her shoot style is allowing things to flow and produces classic and timeless photos.
  9. James Minns Photography
    • James is a perfectionist and comes from the fashion world. All of his photographs look like they came out of a magazine with a rich and creamy aesthetic.
  10. Erica J Photography
    • Erica is bubbly and may make you unexpectantly laugh at any moment. Her photos are bright with a classic look.
  11. Christina Craddock Photography
    • Christina is cool and calm on a wedding day while photographing candid moments. Her work is classic and timeless with a film look.
  12. Captured Beauty Photography
    • Dawn’s photos are timeless while her shooting style is hands-on for posing during portraits. She makes sure each photo could be printed in a magazine.
  13. Judith Rae Photography
    • Judith is lead by her artistic vision and creates fine art photography that focuses on the storytelling aspects of the wedding day.
  14. Shannon Griffin Photography
    • Shannon is funny and slightly sarcastic in the best ways possible. She successfully balances between creating art and allowing the moment to unfold. She offers both digital and film photography.
  15. Jessica Lorren Organic Photography
    • Jessica creates intimate photographs that are soft and classic. She is calm and puts her subjects at ease while using organic light and nature to lead the image.
  16. Kat Braman Photography
    • Kat is a seasoned film photographer who allows the day to unfold in order to capture natural moments. She is calm and reassuring on a wedding day especially when the stress can heat up. Her photographs soft and feminine with a film look.
  17. Carrie Rodman Photography
    • Carrie attracts sophisticated clientele while creating classic, timeless images. She pulls influence from her experience in fashion while in NYC and the classic spirit of Newport RI.

Palm Beach Wedding at The Breakers

Watch one of our favorite wedding films we shot with Erika Delgado, one of the top wedding photographers in the area, and included in the list above. This multicultural wedding was held at The Breakers in Palm Beach.

There are a few things that will increase in value after the wedding day. Photography and videography are in the top three on that list. If you are looking for a Palm Beach Wedding Videographer, we’d love to chat.

Is it bad to hire a combo photo and video package?

It’s not ideal. We suggest avoiding companies that offer both photo and video. In most circumstances, a company that offers both is better at one skill than the other. This means you’re getting a sub-par product. We suggest choosing companies who are experts in their focused field.

Should I budget the same for photography as videography?

Yes! Your photo budget should match your videography budget. You want your photos and videos to be a true reflection of the day, and investing the same in both categories is important.

What is an Adventure Session?

It’s a separate photo shoot where a couple shares an afternoon activity together. It’s more relaxed, and perfect for couples with a sense of adventure.

Should I do an Engagement Session?

Yes. It’s highly suggested to do an engagement session with your photographer. It will help you and your partner get to know the photographer and her shoot flow. You will also know which portraits you liked of yourselves and can communicate this with your photographer to replicate on the wedding day.